Morning Docket: 02.21.24

* Law students file ABA complaint after law school admits it sorta winged it after losing all the exam grades. The class: legal ethics. Chef’s kiss. [Law.com]

* Speaking of legal ethics, here’s a hypo: Sam Bankman-Fried’s lawyer also represents the founder of Celsius. But SBF used stolen funds to pay Celsius. [Reuters]

* So the Hunter Biden “evidence” that we all said was faked by Russian intelligence… was faked by Russian intelligence. Shocking. [Axios]

* Courts provide guidance for corporations moving out of Delaware. So now Elon Musk can move to Texas and see if those courts are kinder to the prospect of a company squandering billions in shareholder funds to pay the CEO to cover the cash he wasted running Twitter into the ground. [Bloomberg Law News]

* The bankruptcy court just told Rudy Giuliani that he can challenge the jury award that drove him broke if he wants, but he can’t deplete any of his estate assets to do it. [Law360]

* “Wachtell and S&C Broker Largest M&A Deal Yet of 2024.” It’s February, gang. Maybe hold our horses until we’re at least a couple quarters in. [American Lawyer]

* Wayne Rooney applied to study law. [LegalCheek]

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