Morning Docket: 02.22.24

* California ban on abnormally dangerous guns struck down as likely unconstitutional… but NOT because of any tortured reading of the Second Amendment. The dormant commerce clause has entered the chat! [Reuters]

* Pharmacy can’t dismiss lawsuit over screening applicants with an AI lie detector. The particulars of the motion are more complicated but… at a time when AI continues to hallucinate like a romantic poet on a laudanum bender some company actually thought “let’s use this to see if applicants are lying!” [Law.com]

* As expected, Alabama fertility providers are shutting off access to hopeful families after court ruling. [NPR]

* Oklahoma’s legal attacks on Trans folks back in focus after child’s death. [New York Times]

* Biden administration relieves more debt officially continuing the most successful Supreme Court loss ever. [ABA Journal]

* Pro gamers file suit challenging Activision’s efforts to control Call of Duty esports. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trial begins in claim of stole Eagles lyrics. Who would steal those? [Law360]

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