Morning Docket: 02.23.24

* Supreme Court tells Boy Scouts to Be Prepared to go through with sex abuse settlement. [Law360]

* Former White House lawyer takes over HR at Boeing. If only every glaring hole at Boeing could be patched up that quickly. [Seattle Times]

* Trump’s new sneakers have red soles. Intellectual property lawyers know what’s up here. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Transnational law firm structure creating conflicts. Well, that’s very, verein interesting. [American Lawyer]

* Baldwin case kicks off with actor and armorer pointing fingers. Let’s make sure not to let either of them point anything else. [Reuters]

* Naked lawyer case ends with another attorney earning discipline too. [CBS News]

* Court upholds Texas punishment for Black student’s dreadlocks in case you’re wondering how broken that state is. [ABC News]

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