Morning Docket: 02.27.24

* Law firm offices are downplaying the personal offices and leaning into collaborative spaces. It’s the same story Above the Law had in 2017 and 2019, but it’s 2024 so the Times is now on board. [NY Times]

* Missouri law prevents pregnant women from getting divorced. There is no domestic violence exception. [Vanity Fair]

* FBI looking into creepy “battle of the sexes” texts sent to a number of women law professors. [Law.com]

* Bump stock ban reaches the Supreme Court promising an illuminating lesson in the originalist understanding of colonial musket bump stocks. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Consolidating the country’s groceries under a monopoly sounds like a bad idea! And after the courts shrug and allow the merger, we’ll get another round of news articles asking “what was Lina Khan thinking to suggest that antitrust laws are real?” [Law360]

* Speaking of antitrust, JetBlue and Spirit are back asking for their merger. The court should say it’s granting approval and then add on extra charges for the airlines to do each action required to make the merger a reality. [Reuters]

* Weird that the only judges who don’t want to be identified by the president who nominated them are the Republican ones. [Balls and Strikes]

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