Morning Docket: 02.28.24

* Congressional Republicans are rushing to SAY they support IVF in light of the Alabama Supreme Court ruling… so why are they actively trying to block a bill to protect IVF? [Slate]

* SBF wants prison term under 6.5 years while prosecutors are asking for 100 years. The source of the difference is the amount of the loss in the fake money case. [Law360]

* “Senator Kennedy’s Judicial Pop Quizzes Trip Up Nervous Nominees.” True, but they’re also mostly BS questions asked by a senator in way over his head with this job. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trump judge declares federal spending unconstitutional based on parliamentary procedure. But he doesn’t understand basic parliamentary procedure so… it’s mostly gibberish. Too bad Senator Kennedy didn’t ask him about that! [Reuters]

* Litigation in high demand for West Coast Biglaw. [American Lawyer]

* Private equity coming for law firms? [Forbes]

* Kenneth Chesebro had a secret Twitter account despite telling authorities he didn’t? Look, it’s embarrassing for all of us to still be on “X” but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. [Daily Beast]

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