Morning Docket: 03.01.24

* Lawyer fired after complaining about kittens. [Roll on Friday]

* REAGAN judge shuts down Texas border law as a reminder that conservative jurists used to understand the Constitution. Don’t worry, the inevitable Fifth Circuit appeal will return our opinion of judges to normalcy. [Law360]

* Law firms discover natural light. Not the beverage, the architectural design element. [ABA Journal]

* Regional markets are all the rage in Biglaw. [American Lawyer]

* Trump seeks trial delay arguing that he can’t answer why he stole all those highly classified documents while he’s busy phoning in a presidential campaign. [Reuters]

* Elon Musk sues Sam Altman for hanging out with Microsoft too much. I presume someone from Irell has looked into Rule 11, right? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Yale Law School’s Heather Gerken explains how delightfully welcomed she is as a leader in academia in an interview kicking off Women’s History Month. Liz Magill and Claudine Gay both unavailable for comment. [Law.com]

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