Morning Docket: 03.04.24

* Supreme Court planning to phone in rulings today and while there’s no hint as to what it is, the Colorado primary is tomorrow and they’d probably like to know who’s on that ballot. [CNN]

* Attorneys in Elon Musk executive compensation suit want to be paid in Tesla stock. On the one hand, the company is stronger for their work, on the other hand… after all they’ve learned about Musk’s management, how do they think this is a good deal for them? [Law360]

* Teens fulfill associates’ lifelong dream and set law firm on fire. [Memphis Action News]

* Canadian judge orders attorney to pay opposing fees after citing hallucinated cases. I assume they realized the cases were fake because they didn’t misspell a bunch of words by adding unnecessary “u”s. [Law.com]

* A deep dive into a massive — and potentially civilly or criminally punishable — business flop. [Bloomberg Law News]

* A third of Brits would quit their jobs to become lawyers proving that society has failed to properly convey the life of a lawyer. [LegalCheek]

* Law firm was told two years ago to disclose that its partner was sleeping with a bankruptcy judge while still taking cases into that courtroom. [Reuters]

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