Morning Docket: 03.05.24

* Supreme Court seeks funds to beef up security around the justices. This would be an excellent opportunity for the Senate and President to ask for an enforceable ethics code. [Reuters]

* Boeing hiring number of law firms after string of negative stories really sucked the air out of the room. [National Law Journal]

* The NY Times claims ChatGPT pilfers its articles. And while that could just be because the NY Times writes vapid, banal takes, OpenAI and its lawyers also say some shenanigans went on — up to and including the Times may having loaded articles in first. [Coingeek]

* Former Twitter executives sue Elon for their contractual severance packages. [Guardian]

* Biden administration finalizing rule capping extra credit card late fees at $8. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito are mad that the Supreme Court won’t make a moot, advisory decision about a university anti-discrimination policy that the school disbanded a year ago. [Law360]

* The justices did a lot of reaching to get Trump back on the ballot. [Dorf on Law]

* New trend: board directors resigning and throwing public fits over “wokeness” to bolster their profile. [Corporate Counsel]

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