Morning Docket: 03.06.24

* The Supreme Court majority tried to micromanage the insurrection clause and only succeeded in sowing more confusion. [Slate]

* Biden launches bid to crack down on profiteering by setting up a brand new strike force that sounds… exactly like the FTC. [Law360]

* Amidst alienating return to office policies, some firms have decided to take advantage of the hybrid life to lower overhead. [New York Law Journal]

* RNC couldn’t muster enough support to get a ban on Trump using party funds to pay legal bills. [The Hill]

* Attorney forfeits license amid allegations of spying on Muslim co-workers. [ABA Journal]

* Hot on the heels of clowning the New York Times in a motion to dismiss, OpenAI announced that it will move to dismiss Elon Musk’s lawsuit claiming that OpenAI violated its own mission by creating a for-profit wing. [Reuters]

* EU imposing measures to govern AI uses, presumably dragging the US to follow suit. [Bloomberg Law News]

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