Morning Docket: 03.07.24

* Law firm growth for the sake of growth might be good… Dewey know where we’ve heard that before? [American Lawyer]

* Supreme Court pushes Trump immunity case to the last possible moment — a move that makes sense if the Court has no interest in the substance and is solely concerned with delay. [Reuters]

* Newly leaked details reveal Penn also wanted Amy Wax courses to be videoed and taught off campus. Literally anything to avoid just firing her. [Inquirer]

* Lawyer says Blank Rome is trying to financially ruin her. [ABA Journal]

* Dartmouth athletes unionize, prompting Senator Tuberville to angrily blast the students because they are not “employees” moments before he told the interviewer that “It’s a full-time job being an athlete.” Tommy Tuberville is not what we would call “smart.” [Bloomberg Law News]

* Another bias suit for the companies run by Elon Musk. [Law360]

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