Morning Docket: 03.08.23

* Biden administration blocking JetBlue’s merger with Spirit proving yet again that whatever deal you think you have with Spirit, it’s going to get ridiculously more expensive before it’s over. [Law360]

* Arkansas loosening child labor laws as Lochner II era continues apace. [Washington Post]

* Shearman & Sterling tabs new leader after merger talks fall through. [Reuters]

* Congress and Biden appear to have killed the criminal code reforms passed by the elected government of DC. I guess there were a lot of federal officials in DC who didn’t want the increased sentences for attempted murder and attempted sexual assault that the law would’ve created. [NBC News]

* Texas Two-Step ruling opening the door to asbestos claims. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Ivy League slapped with price-fixing suit for not awarding athletic scholarships. [Wall Street Journal]

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