Morning Docket: 03.08.24

* Joe Biden stares down Supreme Court while ripping nonsense jurisprudence. Brett Kavanaugh probably too many beers in to even notice. [HuffPo]

* Firm leaders want lawyers to spend more time in the office but with less space. Please be in your office 4 days a week and also your office is now this stack of milk crates in the corner. [American Lawyer]

* Banks leaning into cartoon villain role and sue government over capping how many imaginary fees they can charge. [Law360]

* Corporate boards hate lawyers. Because corporate boards like taking part in a company’s successes and not its responsibilities. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Trump tries to bring immunity claim into classified documents case and prosecutors tell Aileen Cannon to kick it to the curb. She won’t. [Reuters]

* Who amongst us lawyers hasn’t gotten drunk and punched a referee? [Roll on Friday]

* Wells Fargo’s cavalier attitude blamed for lawyer fraud. [ABA Journal]

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