Morning Docket: 03.13.23

* Some lawyers out there are getting paid for putting together the most financially significant $1.20 deal ever. [Law360]

* Barney Frank, whose nameesake regulations could have prevented the recent bank collapses and then lobbied to support Trump administration efforts to relax those same regulations, sits on the board of now-collapsed Signature Bank. D’oh. [Twitter]

* But Frank isn’t blaming the regulatory rollback he supported. He’s blaming crypto. I guess just because it’s fake money supported by libertarian fever dreams and Ponzi schemes. Though that does force one to ask: why was his bank seemingly so exposed to it then? [Bloomberg]

* Biglaw favors laterals over home-grown associates. So you’re telling me they want all of the revenue generation with none of the training write-offs? Weird. [American Lawyer]

* Trial by combat lawyer seeking unpaid fees from former political candidate. I think I speak for everyone when I say we can resolve this with a simple joust. [NY Post]

* Michael Irvin allegations finally detailed. [Yahoo]

* Lawyers drought in rural states creates massive workloads for those who stay. [Gazette]

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