Morning Docket: 03.13.24

* “The fate of billable hours is in the hands of artificial intelligence.” I thought the intelligence behind the billable hour has been artificial for years! Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. [ABA Journal]

* Lawyer seeks to overturn Ghislaine Maxwell conviction based on Jeffrey Epstein’s non-pros because she was a third-party beneficiary. How many mob bosses which they’d thought of that one! [New York Law Journal]

* Lawmakers unwilling to pass useful legislation in an election year are going to posture about a constitutionally doomed TikTok ban instead. America! [Law360]

* Elon Musk hires Trump’s old tax firm to represent him in executive pay suit.[Bloomberg Law News]

* Donald Trump isn’t going to blame his lawyers in hush money suit. How nice of him. [Reuters]

* Former U.S. Attorney loses law license. [NBC]

* After a career spanning Biglaw, the White House, and leading in-house legal, this lawyer has transitioned to music. [PBS]

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