Morning Docket: 03.14.23

* Want a popular policy done, but Congress is uncooperative? Enter Executive Orders. Joe Biden plans to issue one on gun background checks today. [Bloomberg Law]

* Can partisan gerrymandering get worse? Yes, yes it can. Today the North Carolina Supreme Court will reconsider the issue, which could have major repercussions for national politics. [Reuters]

* Supreme Court to consider whether the Constitution provides protection against anti-trans discrimination. And I am sure completely coincidentally, a vocally anti-trans federal judge finds himself in the news. [Vox]

* Court issues blow to California labor movement: an appeals court found ride share services can classify drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. [Huffington Post]

* It’s not that law school deans want to end rankings, it’s that they want to make them better. [Slate]

* Michael Cohen takes the stand: Donald Trump’s one-time fixer is singing to a New York grand jury. [Law360]

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