Morning Docket: 03.18.24

* A Kirkland associate is Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Queen. [Law360]

* Meanwhile, Kirkland hauls in over $7 billion. It would’ve been more but SOMEBODY had to go be a parade queen. [American Lawyer]

* Supreme Court lets college keep its ban on drag shows. So we’ve finally found the limit of the shadow docket and it’s “where it might help actual people whose rights are being taken away.” [Reuters]

* KPMG hoping to crowd out Biglaw in the AI race. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Conservatives continue to tell on themselves by complaining that new rule against forum shopping is unfair to them. [ABA Journal]

* Washington introduces alternative path to law license. [Law.com]

* Lawyers already getting giddy about embarrassing the government in court if TikTok ban passes. [WSJ]

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