Morning Docket: 03.19.24

* Dartmouth is refusing to negotiate with its newly unionized basketball team in most on-brand Ivy League move ever. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Practicing without a license? Check. Sexual harassment? Check. Wrongful termination? Check. Florida? CHECK CHECK CHECK! [ABA Journal]

* DOJ plans to target companies making fraudulent AI claims in advance of lucrative IPOs. [Reuters]

* In flicker of rationality, Supreme Court seems unwilling to accept that the government can’t talk to social media companies. [Law360]

* Partner bonuses? Law firms coming up with creative solutions to stave off lateral departures. [American Lawyer]

* Antitrust settlement changes the home buying process. That should teach them that only lawyers deserve to be paid based on how much the client makes! [Law.com]

* Indiana law threatens to fire tenured professors for objecting to racism. Meanwhile at Penn Law… [Truthout]

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