Morning Docket: 03.25.24

* Apparently realization rates are falling across Biglaw. Must be nice to have money to burn. [American Lawyer]

* Can we take a second to revel in the utter cowardice of the Democratic Party? [Balls & Strikes]

* “Boeing Files Trade Secrets Suit Against Virgin Galactic.” I didn’t know “door falling off in flight” was a trade secret. [Law.com]

* Illinois judges dump diversity policies for advocates because conservative white dudes have hurt feelings. [Reuters]

* Orrick closes Taipei and Shanghai offices. [Law.com International]

* Justice Stephen Breyer discusses his new book titled “if you didn’t think I needed to retire before, check out how out of touch I am now.” [ABA Journal]

* Law student decides she can’t date anymore. Everyone else came to the same conclusion in school but didn’t get a glossy write-up. [People]

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