Morning Docket: 03.29.24

* Rudy fights to keep his condo from creditors. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Simpson Thacher tells lawyers to relax more. Also bill more. [Roll on Friday]

* Kim Kardashian sued for attributing knockoff furniture to famed furniture designer. [ABA Journal]

* South Carolina maps deemed too racist reauthorized for one more election. Because YOLO. [Reuters]

* Black woman sentenced to 5 years for voting once illegally in 2016 because she didn’t realize her supervised release rendered her ineligible finally acquitted. [The Guardian]

* Meanwhile, white Republican who believes 2020 election was stolen voted repeatedly over the years despite multiple felony sentences. Somehow there will be an effort to make this a “both sides do it” story. [Washington Post]

* Diddy’s lawyers think those DHS raids were excessive. I mean… who doesn’t bring a tank to raid a house that you’re pretty sure the target isn’t in at the moment? [NPR]

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