Morning Docket: 04.03.24

* Complaint claims George W. Bush appointed Judge Reggie Walton tainted jury pools when he participated in a televised interview saying Donald Trump’s false claims attacking judges and their families have led to death threats. You’d think the attacks from the guy who used to be president would be doing more to taint jury pools… [Reuters]

* After a series of rail accidents, the government unveils a new rule for the “minimum freight train crew size” that rail companies — the industry with the highest profit margin in the country — decry as unnecessary and costly. It’s 2. The proposed minimum is 2 people to stop a train from crashing. [Law360]

* Major, Lindsey & Africa sued for internally blackballing the attorney who sued Troutman for racial discrimination. [American Lawyer]

* Trump sues Truth Social co-founders hoping to zero out their stock allocation. Though at the rate that stock is going it might be worth zero before they get to discovery anyway. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Hostile work environment lawsuit continues against law firm where partner’s Civil War fixation allegedly crossed into the disturbing. [ABA Journal]

* Have law schools enabled FedSoc by dropping the ball on basic student services? [Balls and Strikes]

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