Morning Docket: 04.05.23

* Overrated: Making these business records charges stick in 2023 rests on some flimsy legal theories. Underrated: Just charge Trump with anything and let him build a criminal contempt case for you. [Reuters]

* Back in the Miller high life again: Democrats end conservative majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Judge tosses the $500M defamation claim that Alan Dershowitz brought against CNN for making fun of him for taking the public position that presidential actions aren’t impeachable if a president believes they will “help him get elected in the public interest,” which was a legal theory only slightly less stupid than thinking you can get $500M when networks point out that it doesn’t make sense. [Law360]

* Ron DeSantis mentions “woke” and “gender ideology” multiple times in his memoir, spurring a movement to get his book banned under the explicit terms of his own anti-woke law. [The Guardian]

* Law firm for Uber suffers data breach. That’s the sort of thing that only earns you 4 stars. [Dark Reading]

* Penn Law appoints a professor to serve as first female dean. Admit it, you’re going to have to click on this just to assure yourself that it’s not Amy Wax. [Law.com]

* UK’s Shoosmiths becomes the first big firm to join TikTok. Or as its new followers might understand it, think of Nicholas Cage as “the rest of Biglaw” and Pedro Pascal as Shoosmiths. [LegalCheek]

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