Morning Docket: 04.05.24

* Hearing scheduled to figure out if Trump’s bond is… actually backed by anything. [Reuters]

* General counsel accused of creating fake law firm invoices. I’m sure the fraud unraveled because the bills were too low. [Corporate Counsel]

* Supreme Court becomes slightly more popular. Amazing what a couple weeks of sounding vaguely reasonable during oral argument can do. [Politico]

* Rudy doesn’t have to sell his Florida condo to cover his debts… yet. [Law360]

* Calls intensify for Justice Sotomayor to step down before the election but given the backbone of Democratic senators have shown of late, that might not be a great plan. [ABA Journal]

* John Eastman asks to be able to practice law again so he can pay for all the lawyers he needs to litigate all the reasons why he can’t practice law in the first place. [CNN]

* Lawyer admits that wideout was driving car that caused major crash. [NBC News]

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