Morning Docket: 04.06.23

* British researchers determine that defendants opting to take their oath on non-religious texts are more likely to be convicted. So I guess you’re better off lying under oath that you’re religious? That seems sub-optimal. [LegalCheek]

* Senior associate says the quiet part out loud when it comes to the Biglaw workload. [American Lawyer]

* Dominion can make Rupert Murdoch testify at trial in yet another, “just give them a billion dollars and spare yourselves” development. [Reuters]

* Fifth Circuit panel rejects GOP state government effort to overturn Biden environmental laws. They’d better not go to Vegas because they must have the worst luck in the world to land a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit unwilling to arbitrarily stymie the Biden administration. [Law360]

* Diploma mills fight back against student loan forgiveness making their value proposition to students… even worse? These may not be the sharpest tools in the higher education shed. [Courthouse News Service]

* Reminiscent of all the Disney coverage lately, it seems as though the anti-ESG movement is long on state lawmakers bragging and short on substantive action. [Bloomberg Law]

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