Morning Docket: 04.08.24

* Stephen Breyer to start hearing appellate cases. In the… First Circuit? Maybe consider the Fifth Circuit, buddy. Help a Constitution out, bro. [Reuters]

* Wait! Trump’s team said no one was willing to put up a bond for the full amount, but the Knight folks were willing to put up the full amount? Though they may not REALLY have even the smaller amount so… what? [ProPublica]

* A profile of Todd Blanche yeeting his career into the sun to let Donald Trump maybe ghostwrite his letters to judges. [Seattle Times]

* Supreme Court remains ethical cesspool. [Bloomberg]

* Former UK high court judges join call for country to cut off weapons sales to Israel. [LegalCheek]

* Grizzly bears the last real Chevron test. [Bloomberg Law News]

* More activist investors… but not the good kind like you’d want. [Law.com]

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