Morning Docket: 04.10.23

* The WSJ editors trying to explain why this Clarence Thomas story is not massively illegal is the funniest thing you’ll read today and we write jokes about the law on purpose. [Wall Street Journal]

* Is the conservative legal movement an elite social club? Sort of… in the way the Manson family was about family values. [New Republic]

* Remember when Gunderson pushed start dates and then started laying people off? They’ve started laying off those people too. [American Lawyer]

* After this Kacsmaryk decision, Reuters asks “what’s next” as if there’s a lick of legality to anything surrounding this guy. [Reuters]

* Johnson & Johnson has uncovered the litigation funders behind the talc suit because… cancer is okay if no one stands to gain from it? It’s not really clear why this matters actually, but some lawyers got paid and we’ll celebrate that. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Texas eyes pardon for convicted murderer to own the libs. [Austin American Statesman]

* NY’s top court looking into the legality of kicking the media out of a trial. This is not about Donald Trump but… this is also very much about Donald Trump. [Law360]

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