Morning Docket: 04.16.24

* Supreme Court authorizes Idaho’s anti-trans care law with Justice Gorsuch writing that the decision might abuse the standard notion of the Court’s shadow docket power, but all the justices who created those precedents are dead now and we have a supermajority so YOLO (you’d be shocked at how lightly paraphrased that is too). [Law360]

* Rudy tried to get his defamation verdict reversed. It went as well as the rest of his election legal work. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Armorer in the Alec Baldwin case sentenced to 18 months. [Reuters]

* Over in the UK, Kaplan apologizes after incorrectly informed a bunch of grads that they’d failed the Solicitor’s Qualification Exam, leading at least some to lose their job offers. [LegalCheek]

* Biglaw partner alleges that another lawyer filed an inflammatory affidavit for the purpose of serving as the basis of a negative NY Post article. [ABA Journal]

* A&O makes a withdrawal from the (Mil)bank. [Law.com International]

* Eriq Gardner chats with David Boies about a wide range of topics, but especially the firm’s contingency work and the billions in value it generates. [Puck]

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