Morning Docket: 04.17.23

* Dominion’s defamation trial against Fox delayed at the last moment, raising speculation that Fox may be trying to settle approximately a two years too late. [CNN]

* US News delays release of law school rankings following freak out from schools worried about what their own stupid boycott caused. [Reuters]

* Clarence Thomas is amending his old financial disclosures to include the shady revelations of the past few weeks. He claims this is all unnecessary because he lost money on these deals despite the statute being very clear that profit and loss are irrelevant to disclosure. But who really believes in holding people to the explicit text of a statute, huh? [Huffington Post]

* Federal Circuit is investigating the fitness of one of its 95-year-old judges. Not that there’s really much they can do about it. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Is it bad when your lawyer is recusing himself because he had to testify to the grand jury about you? That seems bad. [Washington Post]

* Ron Klain heads back to O’Melveny. [Axios]

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