Morning Docket: 04.17.24

* Profiles of the first seven jurors in the Trump case. Y’all sure you want that many lawyers on the jury? [CNN]

* Bob Menendez appears to be planning to throw his wife under the bus. “Alexa, play ‘Getaway Car’ by Taylor Swift.”[Law360]

* Winston & Strawn settles claim that it violated copyright by filing brief copying text from a co-defendant’s brief. At least we know the settlement agreement isn’t copied since literally no one has ever brought such a stupid claim before. [Reuters]

* NY Court of Appeals questions whether it’s unconstitutional to require religious entities to actually be religious to get exemptions to health insurance regulations requiring abortion care coverage. Yes, can’t “collecting tax free money” be religious enough? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Law schools considering changes ahead of NextGen bar exam. [ABA Journal]

* Eric Adams looking to bring back Giuliani administration alums for his administration, starting in the legal department. The man definitely has his finger on the pulse of what New Yorkers want in 2024! [NY Times]

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