Morning Docket: 04.18.24

* Professor believes that the lawyers in danger of being replaced by ChatGPT and similar tech are the partners. In fairness, they’re saying, “I know there’s a case that says…” and what’s more hallucinatory than that? [Bloomberg Law News]

* Sentencing Commission finally takes steps against judges using acquitted conduct in sentencing. [Law360]

* Columbia student who was suspended for attacking Gaza war protesters with a chemical spray has sued the school arguing that the chemical was non-toxic so… it’s OK to shoot at people who’s speech he doesn’t like? [Columbia Daily Spectator]

* Former state and federal prosecutor with long history of benchslaps and wrongful convictions to be disbarred for her actions… now that she’s retired. For more on her history, check out this wild thread from Michael Harriot [Kansas Public Radio]

* Colorado moves to make brain waves protected “sensitive information.” [Legaltech News]

* “A waste of taxpayer resources and time,” says the office of Gov. Sarah Sanders. Curiously, she’s not describing the $19,000 lectern she bought, but the investigation into it. [ABC News]

* SpaceX effort to keep NLRB fight in Texas for forum shopping reasons fails on launchpad. [Reuters]

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