Morning Docket: 04.19.23

* Dominion may have settled, but does anyone remember Smartmatic? Because they’re still out there and the price of admission for settlement just got set. [Washington Post]

* Fani Willis moves to jettison the attorney representing a bunch of fake electors on the grounds that she presents an “impracticable and ethical mess.” That’s a shocker. [Axios]

* Interesting question: are juries influenced by the billboards and other lawyer advertisements they see? [New Jersey Law Journal]

* Jim Jordan continues his possibly criminal, definitely unconstitutional harassment of the Manhattan DA. [Reuters]

* Bob Menendez has to establish yet another legal defense fund. [Roll Call]

* Iowa places slide into Lochner era into high gear. [Insider]

* Vivia Chen interviews Faith Gay, who says women need “real power” in Biglaw. [Bloomberg Law News]

* New York has a Chief Judge again, which it could’ve had months ago but for the governor’s subpar political instincts. [Law360]

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