Morning Docket: 04.21.23

* Senate calls Chief Justice Roberts to testify about judicial ethics… for some reason. [Huffington Post]

* Bringing lawyers back from their home offices inspired offices to embrace collaborative work spaces. Unfortunately, lawyers still require solitude to do many if not most core tasks. [American Lawyer]

* ABA data breach gets worse as investigation determines exposed usernames and passwords. [Law360]

* Berkeley adopts AI policy for final exam. Students can’t use generative AI in a way that constitutes plagiarism, “which Berkeley defines as repackaging the ideas of others.” Not sure how caselaw works into that definition, but whatever. [Reuters]

* Skadden hires judge who approved its opioid client’s bankruptcy. Like… was Sullivan just not hiring? It seems as though there are a lot of firms out there that wouldn’t require this logistical morass. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Texas is on track to require posting the Ten Commandments in public classrooms, in case you were wondering about the long-term impact of the Supreme Court giving that football coach back the job he didn’t seem to want back. [Texas Tribune]

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