Morning Docket: 04.28.23

* Much like everyone else, law firms have no interest in paying Twitter. [LegalCheek]

* Lawyers think the profession has gotten less civil, but that’s just what those degenerate scumbags would say. [ABA Journal]

* A nice guide to the lawyers working with Jack Smith on Trump’s classified documents case. [ABC News]

* No sooner did we note in this here column that New York would rewrite the rules to make criminal defense work even harder than NYC’s prosecutors reversed their push for the change. They don’t have a vote, but it’s taken a lot of the effort. [NY Times]

* Eleventh Circuit issues 2-1 opinion that suppressing the rights of Black voters is acceptable, but only if you’re coy enough. [Reuters]

* DC Circuit won’t break up Meta’s Instagram and WhatsApp acquisitions. If only they could undo the whole “Meta” part of Facebook. [Law360]

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