Morning Docket: 05.01.23

* Donald Trump seeks mistrial after judge refused to let defense counsel play fast and loose with the definition of “bringing a rape charge.” Yeah, the argument “it’s unfair that you were more precise” is rarely a winner. [Reuters]

* Smoke grenades used to intimidate barrister. Damn, maybe things aren’t more civil across the pond. [Roll on Friday]

* So, if uncovering the securities fraud is likely to bankrupt the company, whistleblowers are better off looking the other way? Great incentive system! [Bloomberg Law News]

* North Carolina overrules precedent from last year because nothing matters and it’s just a superlegislature. [Law360]

* Sugar daddy lawyer sued young woman for $166 million. It did not work well for him. [Insider]

* Maritime firm Ince seemed destined for Davy Jones’s locker, but Axiom has thrown in a life preserver. [Splash 247]

* A profile on how ASS Law leverages Supreme Court connections to artificially inflate its apparent prestige. [NY Times]

* … and of course this leveraging includes vacation boondoggles for right-wing justices. [Mother Jones]

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