Morning Docket: 05.02.23

* Leonard Leo used his Federalist Society contacts to secure $1.6 billion donation, which Politico suggests might “raise questions about its nonpartisan, non-political status.” Nope. We had no questions. [Politico]

* Joe Tacopina’s second day of cross-examination somehow managed to be worse according to Mitchell Epner. [Daily Beast]

* Though he may not be around for long, as eyes turn toward whether or not Joe Tacopina is conflicted out of the Donald Trump case because of past interactions with Stormy Daniels. What are the odds this is all heading toward some half-baked mistrial motion? I’m guessing around 1 in… 1. [Law360]

* All that Zooming and Teamsing (yet another reason Teams sucks — no good way to convert the product name into an activity) during the pandemic left the Justice Department a treasure trove of material. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Hollywood writers go on strike. Now you’re stuck with all the online journalists for your entertainment needs. [Reuters]

* Midsized law firms are embracing emerging companies practice while bigger firms grow more cautious. [American Lawyer]

* UK regulators investigating the abuse of NDAs. [LegalCheek]

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