Morning Docket: 05.04.23

* Harlan Crow paid for Clarence Thomas to send his kid to private school?!?! Honestly, I’m starting to think ProPublica brilliantly slow-played all these stories to give the Wall Street Journal and Fox maximum opportunity to embarrass themselves by going all in on “personal hospitality exception” before dropping this. [ProPublica]

* Now Trump says he will probably attend his own rape trial. But his legal team has yet to amend its prior position that it would not call any witnesses so he’s just planning to hang out. [Reuters]

* CFTC Inspector General suspended pending investigation into squelching whistleblower complaints. [Law360]

* DeSantis selling merchandise designed to invoke the Disney trademark because he hasn’t given them enough to sue him over. [Bloomberg Law News]

* And because no one in Florida government understands that admitting to abusing public office is a problem for its legal claims, the legislature is passing bills to crackdown on the Disney Monorail. [Forbes]

* Lewis Brisbois chair steps down following mass exodus. [The Recorder]

* McDonald’s franchise caught employing 10-year-olds. [NPR]

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