Morning Docket: 05.11.23

* The new US News rankings are out for everyone to complain about and the final tally of boycotting law schools rests at 63. Congratulations… the rankings make even less sense now than before because of you! []

* On that note, the new US News rankings also devalued faculty expertise… right when institutions in GOP-led states are attacking tenure. Great job! [Chronicle of Higher Education]

* First Circuit tosses Varsity Blues conviction, which is great news for admissions officers looking to earn some on the side. [Law360]

* Dianne Feinstein returns to the Senate allowing the Judiciary Committee to sort of function again. And all it cost is some self-imposed elder abuse. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Fani Willis drops objection to Kimberly Debrow now that the lawyer has shed a couple more clients. Honestly unsure what’s worse: the prosecutor trying to get you kicked off the case or the prosecutor then deciding, “you know what… we’re happy to have you represent the defendants.” [NY Times]

* Antitrust is broken and willing prosecutors aren’t enough to fix it because corporate stooge judges make taking a case to trial poses too much risk. And Democratic nominees have been largely to blame. [American Prospect]

* University of Maryland forced to end its streaming service after being reminded that it doesn’t own its streaming rights. This is what happens when you try to come out of your shell. [Washington Post]

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