Morning Docket: 05.19.23

* Neil Gorsuch brands COVID-19 health edicts possibly “the greatest intrusions on civil liberties in the peacetime history of this country.” While some might remind him about slavery and segregation, I’m not sure we should be giving him any ideas. [USA Today]

* Mike McKool leaves McKool Smith. Remember Garfield Minus Garfield? It’s like that. [Reuters]

* Judge rejects candy company’s motion to dismiss in case of man trapped inside hardened chocolate for hours. Willy Wonka declined comment. [Legal Intelligencer]

* Nancy Abudu confirmed to the Eleventh Circuit and all it took was a staggering 495 days or so. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

* Justice Stevens working papers released. One gem involves Scalia chiding dissenters for worrying about damaging the Court’s legitimacy. That tracks. [ABA Journal]

* As part of broader efforts to diversify the ranks of special masters, some argue for rethinking the language of “master” itself. []

* Kari Lake’s election challenge going about as well as her election did. [Courthouse News Service]

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