Morning Docket: 05.23.23

* Remember when Donald Trump lost that defamation case to E. Jean Carroll and immediately went out and repeated the same claims about her being a liar? Because E. Jean Carroll does and she’s seeking another $10M. [Law360]

* Complaints against federal judges jumped 22 percent last year. You don’t think this could be a knock-on effect from putting unqualified judges on the bench and blessing widespread financial ethical breaches, do you? [Legal Intelligencer]

* Wells Fargo piling up NLRB complaints to go with the $1B they had to pay over the Fed, Treasury, and CFPB complaints. [Bloomberg Law News]

* TikTok sues Montana over state’s performative ban. [Reuters]

* Federal judge temporarily blocks Mississippi law designed to give white state officials control over the court system but only in majority Black areas. This briefing is going to read like a timewarp. [AP]

* Expect the rest of the Magic Circle to reevaluate their U.S. strategies in response to A&O merging with Shearman. [LegalCheek]

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