Morning Docket: 05.24.23

* The full Am Law 200 rankings are available. Let’s just put a link here for handy reference. [American Lawyer]

* Speaking of the second hundred, its growth outpaced the first hundred. Which isn’t too surprising because those firms had more room to grow, but it is a sign that business is flowing toward less expensive platforms. [American Lawyer]

* Trump’s criminal trial set for March 25, 2024. So basically after he’s locked up the nomination. [Law360]

* Speaking of Trump, his lawyers are seeking an audience with Merrick Garland complaining about the “ongoing injustice” of being investigated for that documents crime that the DOJ already gave Trump months to fix before his lawyers lied about it. Not predicting a fruitful meeting for the crew. [Reuters]

* The new British Invasion is less entertaining than the Beatles, but then again the Beatles never drafted an executive compensation clause. [Bloomberg Law News]

* New lawsuit contends that Biden must use the Fourteenth Amendment to avoid a government default. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues efforts to protect the global economy by throwing pennies in a wishing well. [Politico]

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