Morning Docket: 05.25.23

* Biglaw is amidst an era of upheaval where firms can no longer rest on their reputations.”Nobody wants their career careening from guardrail to guardrail. They don’t want huge peaks and valleys. They want stability.” Welcome to late-stage capitalism, pal. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Texas House digs into Ken Paxton’s financial issues. Ken Paxton calls the Speaker of the House a drunk. Everything is very normal in Texas. [Law360]

* Have we created a generation of lawyers incapable of schmoozing? [Roll on Friday]

* Panama grants legal rights to turtles. Cowabunga. [AP News]

* Alex Murdaugh indicted for fraud. Kind of the least of his worries at this point. [Reuters Legal]

* “Are Second Hundred Firms the New 100?” No. Next question. [American Lawyer]

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