Morning Docket: 05.26.23

* Ken Paxton on the verge of impeachment. And apparently that means it’s time for a good old fashioned dumpster fire… of papers outside his office. I’m sure there’s an innocent explanation. [Washington Post]

* Judge loses defamation suit over being linked to QAnon. Or so the shadowy government conspiracy would have us believe. [Reuters]

* Hugh Grant case against branch of Rupert Murdoch empire can proceed. It’s like the Dominion case but more charming. [ABC News]

* North Carolina sued over its electronic court filing system. Ah, the only corner of American technology where PACER can look like an industry leader. [Courthouse News Service]

* The Pacific Legal Foundation had themselves a DAY yesterday. They won the elderly woman tax foreclosure case everyone was up in arms about and then they got the Supreme Court to gut wetlands protections. [Law360]

* Of the previous 100 anti-LGBTQ+ statutes passed, half of them were this year. It’s fricking May. [538]

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