Morning Docket: 08.30.23

* Does the First Amendment protect criticizing a public school softball coach? Yes. Of course it does. How is this case still going? []

* A study of law students using AI on exams found that low performing students did better, high performing students did worse. [Reuters]

* UK judge receives “formal advice” after falling asleep during trial. Presumably the advice was to blame the English accents for lulling him to sleep. I mean… has anyone ever actually finished that Stephen Fry story? [LegalCheek]

* There’s chutzpah and then there’s a company that declared bankruptcy in a dubious bid to avoid liability asking permission to pay its leader a $1.5 million salary. [Bloomberg Law News]

* What’s the appropriate alternative term for “nonlawyer” that we’re supposed to use? Because there’s some pretty important ethical reasons to make that distinction clear to firm outsiders. [ABA Journal]

* When the Obama DOJ walked away from probing right-wing terror groups, it set the stage for racially motivated attacks like the one in Jacksonville. [Revolving Door Project]

* LeClair Ryan founder inching closer to a deal in bankruptcy fight. [Law360]

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