Morning Docket: 09.01.23

* Clarence Thomas brings on Elliot Berke to represent him in his ethical quagmire, marking the first sign Thomas is starting to take his scandals seriously. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Mitch McConnell froze again. Cornell Law professor Michael Dorf examines the constitutional gaps for dealing with the issue. [Dorf on Law]

* DOJ moves to stop upcoming Titanic expedition because… obviously. [CNN]

* Lawyer tried to sub in a fake client during an arraignment. Gotta admit, that’s a new one! [ABA Journal]

* Judge in Sam Bankman-Fried case wants all postponement requests filed immediately because he’s tired of vague claims about what might happen in the future based on nothing, which if you think about it is how this case got here in the first place. [Fortune]

* Not a great week for the Proud Boys. [Reuters]

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