Morning Docket: 09.06.23

* If Senator Whitehouse thinks John Roberts will take action after Sam Alito straight up admitted to breaching ethics rules, then he doesn’t know John Roberts! [Law360]

* Oregon Supreme Court voting on whether to become the first state in the modern era to offer a full apprenticeship path to the bar. [Reuters]

* GPT-4 wins a lawyering contest featuring various AI options, but still isn’t as good as humans. Kinda supercharges why states might want to find licensing pathways that don’t involve an algorithm gaming a test, huh? [New Scientist]

* Nationwide says it is not on your side if you’re accused of aiding in an abduction. []

* John Eastman has failed to get out of his disciplinary proceeding on Fifth Amendment grounds. That was the obvious outcome, but if John Eastman accepted the obvious dictates of the law he wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. [Bloomberg Law News]

* An interview with super agent Leigh Steinberg. [ABA Journal]

* CiteRight and Jurisage to merge as Canadian legal tech providers eye expansion. [ International]

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