Morning Docket: 09.08.23

* Alabama’s open defiance of the Supreme Court’s election law ruling sets up a potential return trip to DC, with Republicans hoping they can flip Brett Kavanaugh this time. A new leak — which we’ll also never get to the bottom of — suggests Kavanaugh’s original vote was the product of lengthy negotiations with John Roberts. Is Roberts leaking this to shame Kavanaugh into remaining consistent… or is Alito leaking this to call Kavanaugh a cuck for respecting the Voting Rights Act? Both good guesses! [CNN]

* Speaking of Kavanaugh, he says that being a judge is like being an umpire. Though for colleagues like Thomas and Alito it seems to be more like being an NBA referee. Specifically Tim Donaghy. [Law360]

* Data privacy is a massive battleground for future legal tussles, but law schools are more interested in maintaining courses on who controls a whale carcass under admiralty law to bother teaching about data. [Legaltech News]

* Judge Pauline Newman releases her medical tests as the Federal Circuit continues its unconstitutional power grab to force her off the bench. Again, the judiciary should have term limits, but until it does this is a matter for the legislative branch. [Bloomberg Law News]

* In “dog bites man” news, Peter Navarro convicted on contempt of Congress charges. [Reuters]

* Eversheds lawyer apparently punched a banker for using a slur. This is toward the top of the lengthy list of reasons to punch bankers. [Roll on Friday]

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