Morning Docket: 09.12.23

* Trump moves to get Judge Chutkan kicked off his case because at a sentencing for a low-level January 6er, she said that the organizers of the riot had not been charged. But she never said Trump was the one who organized the riot. So… his lawyers are the ones making the connection that well obviously our client organized the riot. Galaxy brain work, gang! [CNN]

* NY judge strikes down state’s ethics commission, ruling that it violates separation of powers for former governor Andrew Cuomo to be subject to an independent ethical probe. By way of pure coincidence, this judge was a Trump nominee who failed to reach a Senate vote. [Law360]

* Because, relatedly, the Supreme Court eyes another run at the CFPB arguing that it violates the separation of powers to have an agency that lawmakers can’t unilaterally zero-fund at any moment. [Reuters]

* The Google antitrust defense team learned its trade while working on the other side of the Microsoft antitrust case. Around, around the revolving door goes! [Bloomberg Law News]

* Supreme Court needs binding ethics rules… but don’t hold your breath. [Dorf on Law]

* Tech and office space enjoy a complicated budgeting relationship. [American Lawyer]

* Legendary DC attorney Bob Bennett has passed away. [NY Times]

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