Morning Docket: 09.14.23

* This may come as a shock, but new study suggests the public defender system is overburdened. Who could have known other than anyone who listened to public defenders for the last 50 years? [ABA Journal]

* Cleta Mitchell missed out on indictment, but the disgraced former Foley & Lardner lawyer is still leading the election denial movement. So maybe it’s more fair to say she’s escaped indictment so far. [The Intercept]

* For a guy with a Real Housewives pedigree, Tom Girardi does not understand a hot mic. [Law360]

* Wachtell still trying to get its Twitter money. [American Lawyer]

* Court papers can now “slide into your DMs,” proving Twitter really can get worse. [Legaltech News]

* Law firms line up to advise clients on maintaining productive and often client- and investor-demanded diversity programs in the face of activist lawsuits. While other firms cower in fear.  [Reuters]

* DISCO chief’s departure causes shares to take a tumble. What’s next for Kiwi Camara? If history is any guide, maybe a company called “Hair Metal.” [Bloomberg Law News]

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