Morning Docket: 09.15.23

* Hunter Biden indicted on gun charge. You are not prepared for the sneering glee Justice Alito will put into his opinion using Joe Biden’s son as the vehicle to strike down gun laws. [CNN]

* In black box hearing, a NY appellate judge has put a halt on Trump’s financial crimes case pending review by a full panel and throwing a wrench in the delicate schedule of multiple overlapping criminal trials. [Daily Beast]

* Did you know nasal decongestants don’t work? Apparently true! Here come the lawsuits against folks who saw the unfortunate souls struggling to breathe enough to get through the work day and decided to bleed us dry. [Reuters]

* House Republicans maintain laser focus on fighting ESG guidelines. Because capitalism means private businesses have freedom until they use that freedom to invest in solar power. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Eastman ally takes stand. Unable to cite any support for his election denial stuff either. [Law360]

* ASS Law bans professors from having sex with students because… obviously. []

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