Morning Docket: 09.22.23

* Somehow they’ve managed to find even more undisclosed private air travel. This time taking Clarence Thomas to a Koch brothers event in a level of impropriety that a former W. Bush judge said, “takes my breath away, frankly.” [ProPublica]

* Clifford Chance opts for permanent hybrid work model while other firms choose alienation and extortion. [RollonFriday]

* Second Circuit decides Sam Bankman-Fried can wait in jail. [Law360]

* North Carolina Supreme Court justice Anita Earls spoke publicly about implicit bias in the legal system. After the judiciary commission ordered her to pre-clear future statements with them, she sued over the prior restraint and the federal judge chastised her for making the justice system look bad by talking about bias out loud. [Balls and Strikes]

* Having toppled admissions, right-wingers take aim at scholarships that might possibly help non-white people go to school. [Reuters]

* Judge upholds the right of private investors to put their money toward companies that match their environmental and social goals. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Profiling the folks chronicling the opaque Google antitrust case. [Wired]

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