Morning Docket: 09.25.23

* Justice Kagan goes on record that a Supreme Court ethics rule would be a good idea. Chief Justice Roberts cryptically responds with “ixnay on the orruptioncay.” [Courthouse News Service]

* Trump judge declares that drag shows are not protected expression under the Constitution. Originalism is a bankrupt legal concept, but if it means absolutely anything, I’d encourage these people to learn about Shakespeare productions. [Reuters]

* Divorce lawyer says Barbie, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift are causing more breakups. Weird what happens when women decide they have “agency” and “deserve respect.” [People]

* In a first, Indian Supreme Court case argued through sign language. [NDTV]

* Texas rule automatically stays orders if the AG’s office files an appeal. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the breaches of separation of powers. [Texas Tribune]

* Arent Fox sued claiming unauthorized disbursements from escrow funds. [National Law Journal]

* Class cert granted for college athletes seeking an injunction against the NCAA for antitrust violations related to their name, image, and likeness rights. [Law360]

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